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Breathwork for Beginners

Your first step on A Path From Pain.

Join me for this 8 min practice to learn how to acknowledge the sensations in your body with calm awareness.

This is the easiest tool that you can practice. As long as you are breathing, you can access this connection.

Remember, practice, pay attention, and above all else, have patience with yourself.

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Critical Movement YYC
A Path From Pain
First official episode drops on Apr. 21st!
In honour of her step dad, Norm, who dealt with pain in so many ways, but built a life around him that was amazing.
Take a step forward, learn about why pain is the way it is, how others have taken the steps to build the life they want, and learn tools that you can build into your day that are manageable and practical.
Pain is exhausting, working your way back to life shouldn't be a fight.
Join Amber Kyliuk, R.Kin, on this journey to life better.
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